KATE BEVILAQUA Ultra(wo)man Australia 2021 Women's Champion

We previously introduced you to Kate Bevilaqua as a dominant force in the world of  endurance challenges around the world over the last 20 years, and  we are proud to offer you a firsthand take on Kate's recent win as the Ultraman Australia 2021 Women's Champion.

The first Ulutraman Australia was held in 2015 with the first Ultraman challenge being held in 1983 in Hawaii. Today, there are a total of 8 Ultraman distance events held in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Florida, Hawaii, Israel, Canada and Australia. There are talks of other countries hosting more but for now those are the locations and the competitions are, well, TOUGH!

Between the application and approval process to the stringent training regimen, it takes a unique athlete to compete. It take an ultimate athlete to dominate them and one of those ultimate athletes is Rolf Prima Pro Kate Bevilaqua.

Kate's success doesn't come without a backstory as her journey rewinds back to winning the Ultraman World Championships in 2016. She then "took a break" from racing the Ultra distances and focused on the 70.3 and full Ironman competitions. However, in 2019 she had the itch again and was excited about the opportunity race in her home country of Australia!

Just over a month before the event it was cancelled due to Covid. And of course life as we knew it changed for everyone around the world. Her entry automatically rolled over to 2021 but she struggled with committing. "How would I feel if I did all the work again and it was cancelled??" wrote Kate. Instead she spent the winter running some trail ultra's while maintaining a little swim and bike fitness. Then came January 2021 and it was just over 4 months until race day but Kate was still on the fence. "I was enjoying racing our local Triathlon events but said to Guy by February 1st I was either in or out!

Kate was all in!

 READ Kate's First Hand Account of Day 1 Ultraman Australia 2021 HERE!

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