Rolf Prima Athlete Biography: Guy Crawford


Guy is affectionally named Captain Awesome because of his high energy personality and is always up for a laugh, a good time, and is the "Kiwi" counterpart to Rolf Prima Athlete Kate Kate Bevilaqua. This New Zealand born triathlete has ben competing as a professional triathlete for 20 years. Guy got his start in the humble beginnings of the grass route events in New Zealand and quickly rose to be one of the sports top contenders.

Triathlon and endurance sport have been a big part of Guy (and his wife Kate) lives for many years, traveling the world racing events like the Challenge Roth, winning the Tri At The Grove (our home race here in Eugene), an 8:23 Iron distance and many more which can be found on his website

Nowadays guy splits his time between Australia and Boise, Idaho with her Kiwi husband (and fellow Rolf Prim Team Memeber) Guy Crawford. They co-parent a cat named Ozzy and have started the Coaching Company GKEndurance where they thrive on helping others achieve optimal performance.



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