April 03, 2017

Rolf Prima Highlights at NAHBS 2017

For bike enthusiasts, it’s heavenly to see so many of the best bike builders gathered under one roof. The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is one of those magical settings. Traveling to a new location every year, NAHBS found itself in Salt Lake City, Utah for 2017.

Frame builders commonly steal the show, but we all know those frames aren’t going anywhere without a good set of wheels. Collaborating with some of the top builders, and running a display of our own, Rolf Prima was on hand to ensure quality, hand-made wheels shared some of the limelight.

For those of you that missed the show, we comprised a list of standouts.

Breadwinner Cycles

Portland builder, Breadwinner Cycles, brought a prize-winning collection. Many of their frames donned Rolf Prima wheels, but one of the classier builds in their booth was this black steel LoLo road bike, sporting a special pair of Silver Elan Alphas. Reinforcing the idea that simplicity is key.


Long time innovator, Calfee Cycles, always brings some head-turners. A carbon Luna road bike, displayed in the Rolf Prima booth, was one of them. But the standout was truly this Adventure Tandem with our Alsea wheelset.


One of our favorites from the show was this Cherubim Stainless Steel road bike, equipped with our 4CX Disc. Handcrafted fenders with stolen-heart cutouts, smooth lines, and a shiny finish had everyone thinking the same thing. Gorgeous.


Eugene friends, Co-Motion Cycles, love putting our wheels on their showstoppers. And we love gracing their dropouts. It was an honor to have our Hyalite wheels featured on one of the coolest builds of the show - this blaze orange Klatch with Pinion gearbox, Lauf fork, and Gates belt drive.

Connor Woods

Rolf Prima’s pair exceptionally well with wood-framed bikes. And why wouldn’t they? We hand-build them in the Pacific Northwest’s temperate rain-forest. Connor Woods engineered this impressive wooden frame, sporting custom Portland Gray Vigor Disc’s and a burnt wood design you could examine all day.

Don Walker

Tandem plus belt drive? Better make sure it has some Rolf Prima wheels. That’s exactly what Don Walker thought with this beautiful Rogue River Red Tandem, built to celebrate 25 years in the business. Here’s to 25 more Don!

Journey Cycles

Journey Cycles isn’t afraid of bright colors, and neither is Rolf Prima. We helped make this gravel machine scream with a custom set of green Alsea wheels.

Métier Velo

Métier spared no expense with this bike. Titanium lugs, carbon tubes, and a mixture of swanky components. It only made sense to throw on some TdF4SL’s to complete the build.


Mosaic came out and said this was their favorite build for the show, and we’d like to second that. Or maybe triple it? This tripanel RT-1 disc road had us drooling. Especially with those Ares3 Disc wheels!

Ti Cycles

Ti Cycles kept true to the spirit of adventure with this all-road tourer. Pinion gearbox, carbon belt drive, and Rolf Prima Hyalite ES Carbon wheels with beefy tires. It seemed a bit out of place, standing clean on a showroom floor.

All the amazing bikes and inspiring builders have us yearning for the next show. Until then, we’ll settle for scanning these photos, over and over again.


Written by: Cassidy Bigsby

March 22, 2017

Long term review of the Alsea mountain bike wheelset

Rund Ums Rad - reviewed the Alsea as a 29"

"Time to see how well your training has paid off - No compromises. No excuses. "The Rolf Prima slogans make no secret as to where this carbon wheel set belongs. Maximum performance and low weight for cross-country use. CC author Dominik has taken the light Americans under the microscope for a year ..."

A good acceleration and super look give the Rolf Prima wheel set a good place in our test database. If you are looking for a light and special wheel set for marathons and light CC races Read the full review

December 30, 2016

Gravel Cyclists - New Hyalite at Interbike

Gravel Cyclist features the new Hyalite from this past Sept. Interbike Show - Plus the Vigor Disc with our Oregon Spring Mint custom color hubs may contain: bicycle
December 29, 2016

More from Kate Bevilaqua and all the training for Ultraman Worlds


Kate Bevilaqua’s Ultraman dream

In the year before her 40th birthday, Kate Bevilaqua will have checked two important boxes off her bucket list: Over Thanksgiving weekend she won the three-day, 321 mile Ultraman World Championship women’s crown. And this May she will marry her Ultraman crew chief Guy Crawford aka Captain Awesome at home in Australia. Read the full artical on 


December 28, 2016

Photo Journal: Kate Bevilaqua's Ultraman World Championships

"Through Janine Kaye’s camera, we take a closer look at Kate Bevilaqua’s win at the three-day, 515km (320mile) Ultraman World Championship adventure"


April 25, 2016

April 21, 2016


Rolf Prima professional athlete, Chris Ganter recently gave a review of his 2016 racing set up including his new Alsea wheel set. 


"A good friend of mine, Eric Lagerstrom turned me on to Rolf Prima Wheel systems at training camp in Poway, CA.  I had ridden a pair of Rolf Vigors back in the early 2000’s and they were sweet.  This year, I was lucky enough to start a new partnership with them and they really have delivered the goods.  The new Alsea Carbon racing wheel set is fantastic.  The paired-spoke lacing system provides significant rigidity that takes a 29er wheel to 26er stiffness and handling.  The lower/paired spoke count decreases the “sail” effect I get from 29″ wheels while flying over waterbars in high cross-wind situations.  So it’s nice not to lose your bike from under you whilst airborne.

I think that the most noticeable (and important) difference between the Alsea and other leading brand wheel sets (Yes, I’ve ridden them) is that they “spool up” or accelerate noticeably quicker.  I assume this has something to do with equations containing pi, moments of inertia, and tangential forces. Regardless, if you are an XC racer this is just an important fact.  I’ll leave it at that.?"