Trade Up Program

Trade in that old set of wheels to the newest and fastest Rolf Prima Wheels!

Have you been wanting a new set of wheels but when your friends see your garage they comment that you sure have a lot of bike stuff already? Rolf Prima is teaming up with Pro's Closet to help get you on a new set of wheels. Now you can trade-in your old wheelset and apply your trade-in value to a new Rolf Prima wheelset. Or get creative and trade-in two sets, or better yet that old bike for even more towards a new set of wheels. Say it with me now: "hell yeah". 

Simply fill out the form below and our partners over at The Pro's Closet, the leaders in the bicycle resale market will evaluate your wheels and determine their value. Next, we will issue you a voucher for the value of your wheel(s), which can be used towards the purchase of a new Rolf Prima wheelset. This whole process takes about one day from start to finish, but you have up to one week to decide if you would like to accept the offer.

Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us and we can walk you through the process 1-888-308-7700 


Q: What can I expect for a trade-in value? 

A: This will depend greatly on the wheel model, how old it is and what condition it is in. Pro’s Closet sets the value for the trade-in and the value is based on what they can resell it for. Think of it as similar to if you trade in your car to a dealership, the price you could get selling it to a private party could be more, but it is also more work.  With the Pro’s Closet, they do the heavy-lifting so you don’t have to deal with eBay and Craigslist. 

Q: Can I trade in more than one wheelset?

A: Yes, please submit each wheelset separately on the form, you can combine your vouchers for your new purchase.

Q: Can I trade in a bike for wheels?

A: Yes, if this is what you'd like to trade in, please submit your trade-in details above and the voucher can be applied to a new wheelset. If your voucher is more than a new wheelset, we cannot give you the difference in cash.