Our Stories

Our wheels take riders to amazing places. From epic climbs to the top of race podiums, these are our stories.

Monumental Serendipity: Grand Canyon, Arizona

Sometimes Things Work Out We‚Äôre driving Southeast from Zion National Park towards Flagstaff, and I‚Äôm on route patrol. In an attempt to break free from the destination-centric navigation of Google maps, I‚Äôm doing it the old-fashioned way ‚Äď road Atlas in hand. Surveying the area I...

Sunrise Session: Chris Ganter Surfing the Boise River Wave

Forever friend and former Rolf Prima pro, Chris Ganter sent us this video of himself and some friends enjoying a sunrise surf session at their local standing wave on the Boise River. While we may not be making any new ventures into surf gear, ever, we recognized a very well-place sticker at 2:30...

Lost Horizons: Taos, NM

Start in Santa Fe. Drive North until you feel your soul stirred, an unsettling deep in your bones. Stop. You found it. Taos. Land of contrast. Land of Enchantment. Land of Entrapment, say the locals. A string of failed attempts to add slogan to this place precede us. Let’s not...

The Weather’s Changing, But Your Wheels Don’t Have To

It’s October, and the weather’s changing fast. Each night is slightly longer, days a bit shorter. You can feel a chill in the air. In Eugene, Oregon where we hand build our wheels, we’re preparing for rain.