The Weather’s Changing, But Your Wheels Don’t Have To

It’s October, and the weather’s changing fast. Each night is slightly longer, days a bit shorter. You can feel a chill in the air. In Eugene, Oregon where we hand build our wheels, we’re preparing for rain.

For some of us, this means we mount up fenders and throw on lights. Some of our seasons are winding down and we use up what’s left of our fitness, enjoying newly tacky trails and back-road rambles, shifting down a gear. Others ramp up, as ‘cross season hits its swing. It’s a season of change and it means different things for everyone, but one constant emerges. The Hyalite family of wheels is ready and able to see us through.

In today’s world of “new-standards”, specs and bike trends seem to change more often than your underwear. It’s hard to keep up, and equally hard to decide on new purchases. “Will this still work on next year’s bike?”, “Which bike should get new wheels first?”, “Do I want a gravel bike or a ‘cross bike, and what the heck’s the difference?”. “Sure, I want to ride trails, but how often will I get out to do it – really?”

The Hyalite comes with a sigh of relief. It couples cutting-edge technology with do-it-all versatility. We offer hubs and options for all configurations, and price points to match your budget. It’s a rarity in today’s riding world to find one product that can do so many things, and so well, without making compromises. But for all the questions, occasions and styles above we can confidently suggest the Hyalite. 

To see this versatility in action, you need to look no further than our staff bike parking. Matt’s hardtail mountain bike currently rocks a pair. They’re mounted up with squishy Schwalbe rubber and carry him on everything from after dinner night sessions to last week’s 50-mile Oakridge Epic. Meanwhile, Robert’s new disc road bike will be well-suited with Hyalites and wide winter rubber for coming rainy rides and commutes. The ‘crossers are set up tubeless and ready to race on Saturday, then enjoy backroads rambles on Sunday afternoon. They’re famous for obsessing over the right tire for the right course but can swap them easily thanks to Tubeless Easy design. They might still wonder about their tire selection when weather quickly changes, but they know their wheels are right. 

As a group of highly discerning avid riders with access to literally rooms full of killer wheels, it speaks volumes that so many of us choose the same thing, for so many different reasons. I guess we find beauty in simplicity, in a world where easy answers are so hard to find.

So, get yourself a pair of Hyalites, then choose your own adventure. You’ll rest easy, knowing that when the weather – or your mood – changes, you’ll have the right wheels for the ride ahead. They’re fast, light, stiff and reliable – and handmade, here in Eugene, Oregon, just for you.   

Hyalite ES Carbon Hyalite
Hyalite ES

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