Our Stories

Our wheels take riders to amazing places. From epic climbs to the top of race podiums, these are our stories.

Sunrise Session: Chris Ganter Surfing the Boise River Wave

Forever friend and former Rolf Prima pro, Chris Ganter sent us this video of himself and some friends enjoying a sunrise surf session at their local standing wave on the Boise River. While we may not be making any new ventures into surf gear, ever, we recognized a very well-place sticker at 2:30...

Lost Horizons: Taos, NM

Start in Santa Fe. Drive North until you feel your soul stirred, an unsettling deep in your bones. Stop. You found it. Taos. Land of contrast. Land of Enchantment. Land of Entrapment, say the locals. A string of failed attempts to add slogan to this place precede us. Let’s not...

Rolf Prima Athlete Biography: Nikki Bartlett

You ever sprain your ankle and take it easy? We do too and that is a normal reaction. Well, British Professional Triathlete Nikki Bartlett is not normal and that is only part of what makes her exceptional. Nikki got...


Not many companies get the pleasure of watching an a person grow into a distinguished athlete like the way Rolf Prima has with Eric Lagerstrom. If this name sounds familiar it's because you have most likely seen him on a podium or ten.

The Real Triathlon Squad Takes on Galveston, Texas Ironman 70.3

This past weekend, four members of The Real Triathlon Squad took on the first IRONMAN 70.3 held on North American soil since the initial COVID-19 shut downs.


‚ÄúPositive Thoughts Will See Your Goals.‚Ä̬† I hang up the phone with Yiannis with a song stuck in my head. ‚ÄúJust trying to stay positive‚Ķ‚ÄĚ His mellow British accent and infectious positivity draw the old ‚ÄúThe Streets‚ÄĚ song from college, straight into my mind....