Our Stories

Our wheels take riders to amazing places. From epic climbs to the top of race podiums, these are our stories.

On Love and Wheel Systems

As a pro triathlete, I need the fastest wheel available. I rack my bike with the best athletes in the world knowing I may not be as strong as they are, but confident that my gear is as good or better.

Annie Davis Usher: Cyclocross Super-Mom

When Annie answered my call last September, I was struck by her positivity and enthusiasm. It wasn’t quite the tone I expected from a bike racer whose planned break-out season started with fracturing her hand riding home from work. “I think it could really be a good...

Building America's Wildest Gravel Bikepacking Route on Hyalite 25 Wheels

America’s Most Rugged Gravel I’ve been cycling across Oregon’s rugged backcountry in search of stupid for some time now… Stupidly steep, stupidly technical, stupidly beautiful, stupid that somebody calls this a road, and stupid fun.

Ares6: Becoming The Official Wheel of Race Across America

You don’t get to be the official wheel of the “hardest race in the world” for nuthin’. You have to earn it. And we did. In every possible way.

Don’t call it an XC Wheel: My life with the Ralos

Shared by, Loren Mason-Gere – Rolf Prima’s OEM Sales and Brand Manager A Ralos wheelset brought me to Rolf Prima. Ok, not literally. My first visit to the facility in the corner of Eugene, OR, took place...

The Weather’s Changing, But Your Wheels Don’t Have To

It’s October, and the weather’s changing fast. Each night is slightly longer, days a bit shorter. You can feel a chill in the air. In Eugene, Oregon where we hand build our wheels, we’re preparing for rain.