Our Stories

Our wheels take riders to amazing places. From epic climbs to the top of race podiums, these are our stories.

Ares6: Becoming The Official Wheel of Race Across America

You don’t get to be the official wheel of the “hardest race in the world” for nuthin’. You have to earn it. And we did. In every possible way.

Don’t call it an XC Wheel: My life with the Ralos

Shared by, Loren Mason-Gere – Rolf Prima’s OEM Sales and Brand Manager A Ralos wheelset brought me to Rolf Prima. Ok, not literally. My first visit to the facility in the corner of Eugene, OR, took place...

The Weather’s Changing, But Your Wheels Don’t Have To

It’s October, and the weather’s changing fast. Each night is slightly longer, days a bit shorter. You can feel a chill in the air. In Eugene, Oregon where we hand build our wheels, we’re preparing for rain.

Rolf Prima is now the Official Wheel of the Race Across America

Rolf Prima announces multi-year partnership with Race Across America (RAAM), naming Rolf Prima the Official Wheel for The World’s Toughest Bicycle Race. Now in its 37th year, RAAM will once again bring riders from across the globe to compete in the coast-to-coast World Championship of Ultra-Cycling. Rolf...

Introducing Astral Cycling

Having brought rim production to our Oregon facility in 2014, Astral expands into traditionally laced rims making the quality, craftsmanship, and ingenuity that Rolf Prima has long been known for available for all types of builds.

The Road to Kona with Nikki Bartlett

Since breaking into the triathlon scene in 2015, Nikki Bartlett has quickly made a name for herself as a rising star in the sport. Just two years after going Pro, Bartlett already had her eyes on the Ironman World Championship and after a hard fought summer of races, she gained...