On Love and Wheel Systems

Why I Love Rolf Prima Wheels

by Rolf Prima athlete, Amy VT


It actually wasn’t an incongruous or surprising site because: Portland. When Jimmy, Rolf Prima’s fully-bearded production guru, rolled down my street on a bike brandishing a full-size wheel-box under one arm, I didn’t flinch. In Portland, cyclists are frequently spotted wielding crazy things (sewing machines, hoola-hoops, and of course, other wheels), but I still laughed, “No way!”


I needed new Ares 6 race wheels and Jimmy offered to hand-deliver them since he was heading from Eugene to PDX the next day. I benefited from delivery the speed of Amazon®, but with the family-like attention of farmers’ market. That’s Rolf Prima: world class quality combined with artisan craftsmanship. Here’s why I love them so, and will never, ever run any other wheels on any of my bikes:





As a pro triathlete, I need the fastest wheel available. I rack my bike with the best athletes in the world knowing I may not be as strong as they are, but confident that my gear is as good or better.


I set up my my Ares 6 race wheels tubeless for extra confidence they’ll perform, and I truly feel faster and more confident on the course. Confidence, as we all know, yields our best performances. With help from my coach Chris Bagg (another best-in-the-world along with my wheels), I’ve come up with a mantra to repeat in my head (or aloud) on the bike, “I’m a train...I’m a train...”


I’ve toured the Rolf Prima factory, become friends with the owner, and learned all about my wheels. It’s bananas. Do you know what a Differential Flange Diameter® is? Welp, I do now, along with jacketed nipples, and of course, paired spokes. I won’t wax on more geekily, but let’s just say Rolf Prima Wheel technology is truly impressive, lending heartily to that confidence that turns me into a train.





I asked Jimmy in for a beer, but he had to run. “Say ‘Yo’ to Brian and Loren and everyone!” This level of familiarity with any company is typically reserved for small businesses. Yeah, I can call up my local co-op to see what ancient grains are in the bins, but they’re local. Rolf Prima Wheels are the best in the world, and available across the planet, all while being run by a family of expert wheel artists.




I’m half-kidding. The custom decals are actually not chief among the reasons why Rolf Prima Wheels are the best; but they are, however, a testament to the individualization in manufacturing. They are a harbinger of individualization, attention-to-detail; and with attention-to-detail, quality, and a testament to passion. Rolf Prima loves Rolf Prima. I love Rolf Prima.


There’s a patent difference between riding on stuff you simply needed to complete your bike setup, versus stuff you actually believe in, have a connection to, and rely upon wholeheartedly. Again, when I race I need to know I’m on the best wheels out there, and my Rolf Prima’s give me that confidence, as well as a talisman of familial belief. 

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