Conversion Kits, Freehub body, 6- Bolt Disc brake, 2016 and older

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Kits to convert your wheel's drivetrain compatibility. Hub platform and starting compatibility are important is determining the correct parts for conversion. The table below includes Center Lock disc brake wheels 2016 and newer. If your wheel is not listed here or you are not sure what you need, please contact us at (541) 868-1715 or click here to email us.

**Important** Because we have used different drive rings (in the hub shell) over the years, to ensure compatibility you may receive a freehub body without pawls and springs. Install the pawls and springs from your current freehub body to your new freehub body.

6 Bolt Disc brake  Model Year Hub Platform
Vigor, Elan, TdF4SL, Ares4, VCX, 4CX 2013 - 2016 XST
Tandem, Tandem Disc, Tandem Carbon Disc 2004-2017 XST
Alsea, Ralos Mark V 2016 - 2017 XST
Ralos CXC, Ralos, Rage 2012 - 2016 XST

** Some wheels may require re-dishing - reference our Service Manual for further details

Click here for instructions for TdF3.4- 7.0 and XST3.4-7.0.