Carbon Clinchers2

Both in the lab or on the road, our philosophy is that there is always room for further improvement and the job is never truly done.  It is with this philosophy that we’ve optimized our Ares carbon clincher family to have the best combination of weight, aerodynamics, braking performance, and durability.

Whether you’re looking for speed for race day or looking to drop the hammer on the group ride, we’ve got the carbon clincher wheelset for you.

All carbon clinchers are customizable with our Built on Demand Program.





* Eos3 - Rim Brake, Clincher

Eos3 - Disc Brake, Clincher








 * Ares6 - Rim Brake, Clincher

* Ares6 - Disc Brake, Clincher

* Ares6 ES - Rim Brake, Clincher