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Replacement Spoke Kit (alloy models)
Replacement Spoke Kit (alloy models)

Replacement Spoke Kit (alloy models)

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Kits include 2 front spokes, 2 rear drive side spokes, 2 rear non-drive side spokes and 6 nipples. Spokes are black.

We have been building wheels for 20 years so there are various iterations of each wheel model. To get you the right spokes, we need to know several things:

1. Wheel model name. 

2. Model year or Serial Number. Please see link below to identify your model year. Alternatively, we can identify model year from your serial number. See pictures for location of serial number.

3. Wheel diameter. This is typed on the side of the tire. Look for ex.  584 x 50 or 700 x 28

4. Spoke count. Please provide spoke count for  front and rear wheels. Ex.: 20H/24H

Please include either model year and/or serial number in the Notes section of your order

How to Identify your wheels