There have been big changes in mountain bikes and the XC category is once again getting time in the spotlight - with the focus on maximum width and diameter. Our XC line keeps its eyes on durability by offering lightweight, versatile wheels that are trail tough for everyday use and ready to get worked over, day after day.

We are bringing you more options for bigger tire options. The New Black Rock at 33.5mm wide, tubeless ready carbon clincher rim - will be your new best friend. 

Alsea - Rolf Prima - 1
Alsea $ 2,299.00
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Alsea Plus - Rolf Prima - 1
Alsea Plus $ 2,399.00
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Black Rock
Black Rock $ 2,299.00
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Ralos - Rolf Prima - 1
Ralos $ 899.00
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Ralos MK V - Rolf Prima - 1
Ralos MK V $ 1,099.00
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