Pro Tips Vol. 3 - Health & Nutrition

There's no arguing that balanced nutrition and being in tune with your body is key when it comes to racing (or even casual riding). Here are some helpful Pro Tips on keeping yourself in top shape so you too can end up on top of the podium!


Gina Crawford - Pro Triathlete
"Help prevent injuries by getting a muscle balance assessment done. This helps assess your weaknesses and pin point areas to work on. Then you can have a gym program put together which will strengthen those weaknesses. In my case I found I had particularly weak glutes and hips, this was leading to niggles in the ankles and lower legs. Now I continually work on these areas and have not had any niggles since!" 

"If you do get an injury or niggle don't just patch it up. Work out what has caused it, there is always a reason. If you have lower leg problems the problem most likely comes from weak hips/glutes so if you just rest and wait for it to come right it will continue to happen unless you find the root of the issue."


Emily Cocks - Pro Triathlete
"Plan your meals and don’t delay eating (real food!) after a workout. Pack your breakfast, lunch, etc. Organization and planning is key. Sports nutrition is meant for training. Don’t eat it when you are not training. Consume real food!“

"Hydration is one of the biggest contributors to feeling fatigued. Drink! Practice this! You need more than you think you do. And hydration begins the day before the race!"

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