The Eos3 proving ground

After four days of riding around the clock, nothing focuses the mind like hitting pavement so potholed that it looks like a remnant from a war zone. Last year, our owner decided RAAM would be a great proving ground for our new, made in the USA, Eos3 tubeless carbon clinchers. With all the ups, downs and pot holes, he was right.


"I think it was Indiana, but the traffic was heavy and I hit this stretch where the road narrowed at the same time that it became like craters of the moon on the right side of the lane.  At first I was annoyed, but as it continued, it became comical and I started laughing. I was rallying my road bike like I was on a mountain bike," said Rolf Prima owner, Brian Roddy. "I knew the testing we had done, but...seriously. I beat the s%#t out of my wheels. I hit them so hard, I was sure I had to have done something." In the end, turns out there was no drama. Wheels were dead straight after that section and after the entire race.


We all know "that road" that the county does not maintain. So you can ride with the knowledge that when we say testing, we mean testing. Not just lab testing, but real world testing as well. 


The Eos3 rims are made in the US with rims, hubs and wheel build all happening on the West Coast.  


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