The Best Things, Multiplied: The EOS Series

Pull out all out the stops and see what happens. That’s how we designed the EOS wheelset family. We combined our best components from the nation’s finest manufacturers into a single line of road wheels with a simple goal: make the best wheel available. Mission accomplished.    


We take pride in working with other great USA production companies. For the EOS, we combine the precision work of White Industries, Cerakote and Enduro Bearings.

White Industries is our long-standing hub partner. A family-owned business, they prioritize making good products over marketing hype and blend precision testing with real-world experience. These are values we share. Our partnership with White Industries fits like an old pair of jeans. We’ll never take it off. 

Our partnership with Cerkote is newer and less obvious. Industry-leaders in materials-coating, they make military grade color coatings that actually increase durability. This ceramic coating sheds grease, dust and debris better than traditional finishes and will outlast us all.  They have no true rivals. 

Lastly, nothing rolls without bearings. And Enduro make the best. Their bearings are at the heart of most bicycle wheels out there, but for the EOS, we use something special: the ceramic XD-15. This bearing is the most durable, fastest-rolling option ever produced. Made of a nitrogen-infused steel material, they do not rust or corrode, even if dirt or sand gets through their seals. While other bearings are at their best the day you buy them but degrade over time, XD-15 continually improve over their (and your) lifetime. 

Our Components:

Each Eos wheelset rolls on our Delta profile carbon rims. Proven for nearly 15 years, the current iteration of this winning rim offers a balanced, 20mm internal width for supporting road tires from 25-30mm and the Tubeless Easy system mounts up in a snap and locks tires securely in place. With profiles at 30, 40 and 60mm, there’s a perfect offering for any rider – from the pure climber to the TT specialist and anything in between. 

They’re then laced with our TdF7.0 (rim brake) or XST7.0 (disc brake) hubsets. This is where the magic happens. We blend the finest work from each of our fore-mentioned partners into something truly special. White Industries builds our over-sized flange diameter hubs for incredible power transfer and precision engagement. We fill them with Enduro’s finest bearings and they’re coated for a life of hard riding (and incredible good-looks) with Cerakote. 

Finally, we apply our laser-cut graphics in the color of choice. 

Build Process

Every wheel at Rolf Prima is made by hand with care, but EOS sets get special attention. Our lead wheelbuilder takes time to build each EOS order specifically for their future owner. The wheels are brought to tension, then scientifically pre-stressed to eliminate break in period. The process occurs there times before moving through engineering and QC for a final check. 


Together, these collaborative masterpieces form into an unforgettable experience. Spinning out on the first ride, the sensation is akin to stepping on ice – the wheels just seem to defy laws of friction, gravety and aerodynamics. Spin down the road, coast uphill into a headwind with a smile on your face, knowing that it only gets better from there. 

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