Rolf Rider's Rigs

Rolf Prima Riders love their bikes and the wheels they roll on.

We're grateful for each photo we receive. Every word of praise fuels our drive to make the best wheels on Earth, knowing they're taking great people to beautiful places.

We hope you enjoy this gallery of Rolf Prima Rider's rigs half as much as we do.

Have one to share? Send it along to us.


George M's Argon rocketship.

Bobby G's Calfee Tandem

Curtis D's Personal Ride

Spencer C's Classic Lemond

Michael T's Gunnar in Paradise

Dan G's Groovy Bianchi

Eugene's Tastefully Matched Colnago

TVM's Grazing Cervelo

Feller's Felt

Chris M in Action

Rosanne K's Flash TT Bike

Kathy and Joe's Custom Quiver

James G's Kona Adventure Machine

Chris M's Couteous Lemond

One-of-a-kind Haley

Taylor's Calfee Tandem

Lynskey Live

L's XC Rocket


Joel's Smooth Specialized

Anonymous Cannodale

RJ' Felt

Robert M's 1x Cinelli

Kip L's Lucious Lynsky

A Stealthy Giant TCR

Louise D Celebrating with Her Felt


Brian F's EOS6-clad

Kara B's Felt Has a Message

Unknown Storck


David's classic waterford

Greg P's Yamaguchi in the Sunset

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  • Joe and Kathy

    It’s great to see the tandems represented!

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