Rolf Prima Staff Profile: Jimmy Krigbaum

Name: Jimmy Krigbaum
Position: Production, Purchasing Manager, & Wheel Builder

What are you currently pedaling? Give us the full kit!

The daily driver is a Raleigh Furley set up single speed with Hyalite 25 650b’s and a basket. The fun bike is a Heller Shagamaw with all sorts of upgrades including some Alsea 30’s with gold decals to match the details on the bike!

What got you into cycling?

I rode bikes growing up, but didn’t really get the “itch” to ride everyday until college when I moved to a town that had endless miles of single track starting at my back door. Since then its been a daily part of my life in some way or another.
How did you come to Rolf Prima?

By bike...

What is the one tool you couldn't do your job without?

Any tool that our engineer Willy makes. I can’t stress this enough, they are hella sweet!  I could probably do my job without them, but it would be a heck of a lot harder. 

What do you like to do on your days off?

I usually try to get in some single track, some gardening, and lots of cooking/eating.

Ok and let's hear some favorites… 

Food: whatever we are cooking next
Music: Been jammin on some lyrical rap lately, but I swing all over the place from classic country to rock to pop. If I can groove to it, or feel something from the lyrics, I’m down with it.
Bike: I’ve really been digging the Shag for awhile now, but I might have to try something new soon!
Wheels: Alsea 30

What’s an accomplishment you’re most proud of?

Starting a garden from seed, and raising ducks.

If you could take a bike adventure anywhere in the world where would it be?

I would love to do a bike tour of Japan completely based on food destinations, and possibly ski destinations if I can accumulate a good setup for winter touring.

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