Rolf Prima Athlete Biography: Amy “VT” VanTassel

Amy “VT” VanTassel is a professional triathlete, and a proud member of the Wattie Ink. professional athlete roster, and the Chris Bagg Coaching Group. The Ultraman double-iron distance is her forte, having attained a career highlight with an overall win (including men) at Ultraman Israel in 2018, after her win in Canada in 2017, which was historically the closest competitive race in Ultraman history.

She successfully qualified as a top-1% internationally-ranked triathlete for five years, competing in Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, until she qualified for her professional license in 2015. In addition to winning Ultraman, she has since placed in six major international half- and full-iron distance events, including perennially placing among the pro field at Ironman Mont Tremblant. VT is passionate about balancing out life as a professional triathlete with off-road cycling, gravel, cyclocross, and trail running events.

She lives and spends most of the year training in Portland, Oregon. For her full-time career, she capitalizes on her Masters in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University and her career history in college admissions to counsel high school students and families in navigating the application process. VT travels extensively in search of new race and training locations world-wide, representing Wattie Ink., Optic Nerve Eyewear, Quintana Roo Bicycles, Creminelli Fine Meats, Evolution Healthcare and Fitness, PowerBar Sport, the Chris Bagg Coaching Group, and no matter what, she always packs her Rolf Prima Wheelsets.


Give her a follow on Instagram at: @amyvantassel

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