Kate Bevilaqua Day 2 Ultraman Australia 2021 Women's Champion

The following post was written by Kate Bevilaqua about her experience on Day 2 of Ultraman Australia 2021

Day 2 Bike: Here we go!!

This has always been the longest day for me in the previous events I have done. The first time I really suffered on Day 2 due to lack of calories and maybe not quite enough time in the saddle during training.

The second one I rode well on Day 2 but then suffered on Day 3. 
Would I be able to find that balance this time? 

We started in the dark all together and had an escort for about the first 10km through town - then it was ON! 

I wasn’t going to make that mistake and focused on my own effort. 
Over time the group sorted itself out. I was lucky to have ridden most of the Day 2 Bike course with Luke and Beth Mackenzie early last year when I thought I would be doing the event in May 2020. So I knew what I was in for with 2300m of climbing. 

Just like the previous day my goal was to climb steady, trying not to burn any matches then strong and aero whenever I could. 

Again my crew were incredible! They were everywhere! I was an eating and drinking machine! In fact I had put ON 2kg by the end of the day.

But I am sure this was a contributing factor as to why I felt good and rode consistently. 

Crossing the finish line I was stoked to learn I had broken the Day 2 Bike course record but there was no time for celebrating. I had to get this mind and body ready for a double marathon the next day.

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