2019 Ares4 Disc - 25% off


Shockingly light. Blindingly fast.

The Ares4 does it all. With its 42mm Delta rim profile and paired-spoke technology, it perfectly balances aerodynamics with light-weight. You’ll float up long-climbs, save watts on windy flats, master technical descents with confidence and end the day with a smile.

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From time to time we have cosmetic blem’s, 2nds, samples and demo wheels available. These are wheels that are in good shape but we wouldn’t sell as “1st level quality. Below is the rating for this wheel and at the bottom of the listing is a description of the rating scale.  We are cyclists ourselves so we only sell wheels in good rideable condition and would not sell a wheel with a blemish or other damage that we thought affected the use of the wheel.

This wheel is rated: Pristine Minus

This wheel's configuration is

- Front: 12mm, Rear 142mm, Shimano/SRAM.

- Tubeless compatible rims. Rim has a "brake track" even though it is a disc brake wheelset

- Standard decals. 

 Only one set available

Cosmetic blems, 2nds and used wheel condition categories

  • Super Pristine. Brand new, never ridden and could be sold as first quality to anyone but the most discerning eye. Any cosmetic blemish is small
  • Pristine. Brand new, never ridden but has a cosmetic blemish that can be found with a careful review of the wheels. 
  • Near Pristine. Brand new, never ridden but has a cosmetic blemish that is readily visible with a quick, but careful, review of the wheels. 
  • Pristine Minus. Brand new, never ridden but cosmetic blemish is visible with a quick look at the wheels. 
  • Used but nearly new. Wheel may have been ridden for very low miles. Wheel may show vague use of having been used such as light marks on freehub body from cassette, tire marks in the hook beads or mild brake marking on brake track. Decals may have minor traffic marks. Very good condition but lightly used. These wheels have effectively only been ridden off the showroom floor.
  • Used, very good. Wheel has been used for low miles but has clear signs of use from having cassette, tires our brakes mounted. These are magazine review wheels. Mileage is very low and
  • Used, good. Wheel has been used for shop and/or event demos. Low mileage but the wheels have marks from being used and being moved around in a van.
  • Used. Wheel has been used and shows the wear and marks from usage.
  • Totally Hammered. Good for people you don’t like. You won’t see these on our website



*We do our best to ship your wheel order ASAP, but because many wheel orders are built to order, please allow up to one week for shipment once your order is processed.  Custom orders like color hubs, rims and decals may take up to two weeks.



  • Weight: 1495g [690g/805g]
  • Spoke count: 20/20
  • Spoke type: Bladed CX-Ray 
  • Rim Depth: 42mm Carbon Clincher
  • Rim Width (max): 28mm, 19.5mm internal
  • Hubset: XST5.5 w/ T2 High Engagement 
  • Brake type: Disc brake (Center Lock)
  • Freehub: Shimano/SRAM 10/11-speed
  • Tire size recommendation: 25mm to 52mm (2.0")
  • Includes: rim strips, valve extender, QR set when applicable and Rolf Prima's Certainty 


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