Our custom built Fatigue test machine can run three wheels at a time in a number of configurations. One of the most brutal tests is the bump test which runs the wheels at 47mph (76kph) over 10mm bumps with weight to simulate a 250lb (114kg) rider. Think of it as a downhill Paris Roubaix for thousands of miles over the course of a week. Why do we do this? Because we want to make sure each design is ready to give the rider years and miles and miles of trouble free fun. We love when we hear riders tell us that they have never had to touch their wheels after years of hard use. And believe us, we hear this a lot.

Our fatigue tester is based on the ISO4210 test but both our method and our requirement are far more stringent. Where ISO runs at 15 mph, we run at 47mph imparting over 3x the energy into the wheel than the ISO standard. Our requirement for how long a wheel lasts is also 66% higher than the ISO standard. What does this mean for you? A bomber rim.



Our design process is iterative in nature and the fatigue testing is an integral part. We run the wheels at high speeds, for long periods of time and over bumps with a high load to identify weak points and correct them in development before going to production. This ability has enabled us to refine our rims, hubs and spoke designs to maximize wheel durability. We start with CAD models analyzed in FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to optimize the design but we verify with our testing. Having this ability at our fingertips leads us to make better parts and build better wheels because those are the wheels we want to ride.

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